Wedding in the Dominican Republic-exotic for all tastes!
Hundreds of friends and relatives who filled the house, a toastmaster, a cortege-the attributes of a traditional wedding are still attractive to many, but more and more newlyweds choose various…

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The most interesting and unusual places in Myanmar
In addition to numerous, sometimes unique temples, there are other equally interesting sights in Myanmar, some of which will be discussed in this article. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Kyaiktiyo pagoda is a…

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Ski resorts in the Moscow region
Almost all ski resorts located in the suburbs of Moscow and in the Moscow region are designed exclusively for beginners in skiing. Ski resorts in the Moscow region and the…

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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Useful tips for tourists traveling in Asia

Of course, each country has its own special nuances, but there are also common for the whole of Asia, which are better to observe.

Traveling in Asia

How to avoid becoming a victim of food poisoning

According to who, South-East Asia was named as a region with a high probability of poisoning when eating local dishes. Every second European tourist, to some extent, experienced symptoms of poisoning when visiting this region. Continue reading

The safest airlines in Russia and the world

The German research Bureau JACDEC, which investigates aviation accidents, presented its rating of the 60 safest airlines in the world, which the organization has published since 1973.

The leaders of the rating were 10 airlines that have been flying without accidents for more than 30 years.

The first place went to the Australian airline Qantas, whose aircraft after the Second world war did not have an emergency with human victims. Moreover, Qantas was also one of the oldest airlines in the world (founded in 1922). Continue reading

What is a timeshare and what types of timeshare it is

The idea of a timeshare is as follows. You can’t afford to buy a property in an expensive foreign resort: it is expensive, and you will have to pay a lot of taxes. But you can buy property rights for a period of one to 51 weeks of the year.

Timeshare is distinguished by seasonality and quality of service.

According to seasonality, the timeshare has its own color:

* red is the best holiday season;

* white-off-season; Continue reading

Dancing in the fire Nestinars
Tourists can see people walking barefoot on hot coals and even dancing at the same time only in one country in the world – Bulgaria. "Dancing in the fire Nestinars"…


Brazilian carnivals and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
This Grand event takes place in the month of February, and how exactly, we will learn from this article. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro The Brazilian carnival (Carnaval do Brasil)…


Summer holidays in Egypt-pros and cons
Sometimes contradictory reviews are expressed about the popular and relatively affordable vacation in Egypt in the summer. All about Tax-free returns: how to apply for and get tax free Let's…


Hostels are an inexpensive and popular alternative to hotels
The definition of hostels as small inexpensive hotels is correct in its essence, but does not fully disclose the content of this relatively new concept for us. And the famous…