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Shark attacks: in which countries do they attack more often

After the bloody events in the fall of 2010 in Egypt and in the summer of 2011 on Russian far Eastern beaches, where ordinary vacationers became victims of sharks, we began to talk about these marine predators more often not as exotic, but as a real danger to tourists.

This danger, however, as it often happens, is greatly exaggerated. according to biologists, a shark on the beach is still the exception, not the rule. And cases of shark attacks on tourists who are swimming or engaged in diving, surfing and other water sports are often the result of violations of various rules and instructions by the latter.

However, the threat of unprovoked shark attacks on some beaches of world resorts really exists. In this article, we will talk about the five most dangerous countries in this regard.

Reasons for shark attacks on people


Sharks off the U.S. coast are frequent visitors

Sharks are the beach of the Florida coast of the USA, a “Paradise state” with luxurious beaches and a wonderful climate. Three of the most dangerous shark species – white, blue, and tiger-come close to the shore.

The California coast shares with the Florida coast the sad lead in the number of shark attacks in the United States. This is a permanent habitat for great white sharks, and their attacks on people are recorded almost every year. For some reason, the great white shark most often attacks surfers, perhaps the silhouette of a man lying on the surf, raking the water with his hands, reminds them of their favorite prey-fur seals.

Another famous American resort – the Hawaiian Islands-is also far from safe in terms of shark attacks. On the Hawaiian coast, tiger sharks are active, often attacking people and great whites, so all the beaches in the homeland of surfing are considered shark-dangerous, primarily for surfers.


Shark attack on a seal in South Africa

The world’s largest population of white sharks lives near the Atlantic coast of South Africa. This is due to the proximity of the habitat of large pinnipeds-sea lions and sea leopards. Naturally, the threat of shark attacks on bathing tourists is also very high.

South African authorities are taking measures to protect beaches from white predators-the beaches of fish hook, the most popular South African resort, were protected by underwater networks in the 60s of the last century. However, it is not possible to avoid shark attacks on people. 21 unprovoked attacks were recorded in 2010, six of them were fatal.

Surfer killed by shark attack

A total of 55 fatal attacks have been reported in Australia, with more than 170 unprovoked attacks in total. Biologists see the reasons in the very deep areas of the bottom adjacent to the shore, which are very convenient for attacks, from which predators appear.

The Australian coast, as well as the Great Barrier reef area, is a traditional habitat for several species of dangerous sharks, including sand, reef, great white, and tiger. The latter is especially dangerous because of its huge size (up to 7.5 m), the incredible power of its jaws (it easily breaks the shell of a sea turtle), and the habit of hunting in shallow water. Cases of shark attacks on people are regularly recorded on both the Eastern and Western coasts of Australia, near the island of Tasmania.

The Beaches Of Recife

The “human factor” has played a provocative role in the relationship between tourists and sharks on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. To the South of the small resort town of Recife, in the city of Porto suare, in the 80’s, major construction began, and the freshwater mouths of two rivers – breeding sites of the bull shark-were dammed. The sharks chose another place to give birth-a canal near Recife.

As a result, about 20 kilometers of the Recife coastline quickly became extremely dangerous, sharks behave very aggressively, and about a third of their attacks on people end in death. The beach area was even closed for swimming, but since 2006 it has been reopened.

A tourist from France was killed in a shark attack in the Red sea near the coast of Mars-Alam in southern Egypt

The red sea, Egypt’s main tourist area, has not been classified as a shark-prone area for many years. Although there are a large number of different species of sharks, but cases of their attack on people have not been recorded.

However, during November and December 2010, there were five shark attacks on the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh over a period of six days, and the last incident ended in the death of an elderly tourist from Germany.

The incident shocked the world and especially the Russian public. three of the five injured tourists were our compatriots.

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