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Ski resorts in the Moscow region

Almost all ski resorts located in the suburbs of Moscow and in the Moscow region are designed exclusively for beginners in skiing.

Ski resorts in the Moscow region and the Moscow region

The territory of the Moscow region is mostly flat, so finding a suitable natural terrain for organizing a ski resort is not an easy task. Therefore, many resorts for skiers in the Moscow region were created as a result of creating artificial terrain. The climatic conditions of Moscow and Moscow region for ski resorts favorable: the region has a temperate climate with average winter temperature is around -9.

Today, many resorts in the Moscow region and the Moscow region are an unusual combination of different levels of service and comfort complexes from traditional small cottages to modern sports and entertainment centers with European-level service.

The main concentration of ski bases in the Moscow region is observed where there is a small area with mountainous terrain. Such territories are located near the Dmitrov highway, in Sergiev Posad, Zvenigorod, and Istra.

The most popular centers are located in the Dmitrov district: Volen Park, Yakhroma and Sorochany parks.

Volen is one of the few resorts in the Moscow region that meet the world standards of the tourism industry. The Park consists of two ski complexes, one of which is located in the area of yakhrom, and the other in the area of Stepanovo (4 kilometers from the first complex).

The sports Park “Volen»
Both complexes have trails where you can show your skiing and snowboarding talents. There are more of these tracks in yakhrom (at the moment there are 14 of them, including 2 training tracks), and less in Stepanovo (4 so far). But in Stepanovo, the routes are longer and the height difference is greater. If in yakhrom the maximum length of the route is 450 m, and the height difference is 70 m, then in Stepanovo, respectively, it is 960 m and 90 m.

All tracks are equipped with lighting and snowmaking systems. The first ones are important for skiing in the evening, at night and in cloudy weather. And the second – for a good quality of snow on the tracks, and sometimes (in snowless weather) and just for the presence of this snow.

In addition, all routes are provided with lifts. There are 11 such lifts in yakhrom (7 rope lifts, 3 baby lifts and 1 conveyor lift).

Today, Volen is a real ski resort with a developed infrastructure – professionally prepared trails, equipment rental, a ski school, hotels and cottages, restaurants, shops, and many others.

The website of the Park “Volen”

Yakhroma-on its territory there are 4 ski slopes with equipped trails of different complexity, in the” amusement Park ” modern and exciting attractions, guests can also ride snowmobiles, toboggan, zorb and climb the ice cliff.

Yakhroma sports and entertainment Park»

Among other things, the Park has a Spa center, baths, restaurants, as well as comfortable hotels and a cottage village. Equipment rental and animation services are available.

And all just 46 km from the Moscow ring road on the Dmitrov highway!

The website of the Park “Yakhroma” –

Sorochany-is located 54 km from the Moscow ring road on the Dmitrov highway. Today, this sports complex is recognized as one of the best sports grounds in the Moscow region.

Sorochany ski resort»

The resort offers a mountain with a height of 225 m, 10 tracks with a height difference of 90 m and a length of 850 m, ski rental with a wide range of skiing and snowboarding, modern high-speed chairlifts and drag lifts, cafes, restaurants and gated development.

Sorochany resort is located in the village of Kurovo in the Dmitrov district.

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