Modern Austria and the Austrians
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What is a timeshare and what types of timeshare it is
The idea of a timeshare is as follows. You can't afford to buy a property in an expensive foreign resort: it is expensive, and you will have to pay a…

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What is a timeshare and what types of timeshare it is

The idea of a timeshare is as follows. You can’t afford to buy a property in an expensive foreign resort: it is expensive, and you will have to pay a lot of taxes. But you can buy property rights for a period of one to 51 weeks of the year.

Timeshare is distinguished by seasonality and quality of service.

According to seasonality, the timeshare has its own color:

* red is the best holiday season;

* white-off-season;

* blue-the season with the lowest demand.

In terms of service quality, timeshare is distributed similarly to the “star rating” category of hotels.

Resorts are divided into these categories:

• standard;

• international category;

• golden crown.

Timeshare as a club vacation

Club holidays offer the opportunity to take advantage of comfortable accommodation in club-type hotels. Members of the club, purchasing a timeshare in such a club hotel (one or several weeks), get the right to exchange their time and place of rest for another in accordance with the existing price list of resorts of various categories. For example, more than three thousand resorts around the world are connected to the RCI international club holiday system.

The cost of a personal membership in clubs varies depending on the number of years for which the fee is paid: the more years you pay, the lower the cost of membership in the club in terms of one year.

The advantages of timeshare

For countries where the law regulates timeshare, it provides a number of significant advantages for participants in the system:

1. Acquisition of ownership of real estate in prestigious resorts;

2. The opportunity to exchange a vacation spot, accumulate the duration of your vacation by giving up your weeks in one year, or sell your weeks if you can’t find time for a vacation at the resort in some year;

3. Transfer the purchased timeshare by inheritance or sell it;

4. Solve the problem of corporate recreation for employees of the company.

Club rest, in addition to the above advantages, has such advantages:

1. Rest in apartments that have all the conditions for living, as in your own apartment or house, including the opportunity to invite friends;

2. One-time investment in the purchase of a timeshare and payment for membership in the club allows you to choose a new place to stay every year;

3. Discount systems for air travel.

“Russian Timeshare” as a way to withdraw money from the population

In Russia, Timeshare is often tried to sell using aggressive methods of influencing a potential buyer (luring money). Through various tricks in the form of opinion polls or messages that you have become the winner of some action, you are lured to presentations or events for the presentation of allegedly won prizes. You are strongly asked to turn off your mobile phone and be together with the second “half”.

It turns out that you won a week off. You can choose the resort yourself, but you will be persuaded to choose the one that the timeshare owners need. You will pay quite a bit, but then it turns out that the way there and back is paid out of your pocket, food is also at your expense, and on the spot it turns out that you still need to pay for insurance, an additional week or some other expenses that are refundable. All this was allegedly stipulated in the contract. You pay for everything, but you will not see more of your money, because on the day of departure you will not find a representative of the company.

Currently, the courts of our country are considering hundreds of civil cases on claims of deceived people who suffered from the actions of unscrupulous companies engaged in timeshare.

If you still decide to try, then buying a timeshare, beware of situations where you prove that right now you need to make a deal, otherwise tomorrow the lot will be twice or three times more expensive.

If you intend to purchase a timeshare, carefully study the contract, which must be drawn up in at least two languages, Russian and English.

Do not trust those who do not provide you with a contract to review in a quiet home environment.

Find out information about the structure of the club, additional cash payments, as well as responsibility for non-payment of membership in the club.

When reselling certificates, beware of unscrupulous intermediaries, carefully study the contracts and do not pay in advance for making transactions or conducting marketing research.

And it is also important to mention that Timeshare is difficult to use as an investment, since in reality there is almost no market for its resale, in addition, suppliers of this service often do not make records about the purchase of this property in the property register or land registry. As a result, if this company goes bankrupt, the buyer will not have any rights.


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