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Capoeira-General information, music and videos

Recently, capoeira has become very popular among young people in many countries of the world, and we decided to dedicate one of our articles to it.

Capoeira is a traditional national Brazilian martial art and is also one of the most popular martial arts in Brazil and South America.

As a type of martial art, capoeira combines elements of dance, acrobatics and martial techniques. It is distinguished by the use of mainly kicks, low body positions and an abundance of acrobatics.

Capoeira is traditionally played with live Brazilian music.

A distinctive feature of modern capoeira is the lack of physical contact between the competitors: the blows delivered, mainly with their feet, do not touch the opponent, but are carried by centimeters from him. Despite this, there is still a practice of holding contact capoeira Championships in the world.

Translated into Russian, the word “capoeira” means “a field overgrown with bushes” or “tall grass”.

Capoeira originated around the 18th century in South America thanks to black slaves brought to Latin American countries from Africa. Runaway slaves settled in the jungle “free cities” – Colombus where African religion and culture met with Indian. This is where capoeira began to spread.

As mentioned above, all the action takes place to the sounds of traditional Brazilian music. It turns out very unusual and beautiful.

Music allows you to turn an ordinary sparring into a dance. But not only this attracts capoeira hundreds of pokloninkov: first of all, it contributes to the development of plasticity, flexibility, endurance, strength, training after training strengthens the muscles.

In order to engage in capoeira, you do not need anything but desire: neither gender, nor age, nor complexion is important here.


Live music in Capoeira is inseparable from the game itself, so almost always capoeira is accompanied by the” capoeira orchestra ” – bateria.

The main role in the orchestra is played by an instrument similar to a bow with a resonator-Berimbau. It sets the main tempo and rhythm of the whole action.

Capoeira is accompanied by the “orchestra of the capoeira” bateria.

Traditionally the basis of the bateria is 3 berimbau and each of them has its own goal:

Gunga, Berraboi – Gunga, Berra-boi) – berimbau with the lowest tone and the largest kabasa. Sets the main timbre and tone of the game, plays the main rhythm.

Mediu, Sentru (Medio, Centro) – middle berimbau, is complementary to the Gunga, usually plays a reverse rhythm relative to the Gunga.

Viola, Violinha (Viola, Violinha) – the highest tone, usually plays rich improvised variations of the main rhythm.

In addition to berimbau, the “classic” bateria is based on:

Atabaque (Atabaque) – a traditional African drum, waist-high to a person, leads the main rhythm.

Pandeiro (Pandeiro) – tambourine.

Agogo – Agogô) – a double bell, which is played by alternately hitting each of the bells with a wooden or metal stick.

River-river (Reco-Reco) – a ribbed wooden or metal surface-a ratchet, which is carried out with a stick, extracting the “crack”.


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