Wedding in the Dominican Republic-exotic for all tastes!
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Holidays on Islands in Thailand
Islands in Thailand, indeed, very much-small and large, inhabited and wild, preserved their natural beauty, covered with forests, lakes and rivers. And from such a variety, you just get confused:…

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Holidays in Portugal are wonderful all year round

In the past, almost all voyages, many of which ended with great geographical discoveries, began off the coast of Portugal.

Now it’s the opposite — hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to touch the rich Portuguese history, taste real port, soak up the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, Madeira and the Azores, as well as see the architectural and natural splendor of this European country.

By the way, the birthplace of famous travelers of the era Of great geographical discoveries has not yet become a country of mass tourism, like its nearest neighbor Spain.This is probably one of the main advantages of this country for many tourists looking for something interesting, not spoiled by mass tourism.

With its ancient monasteries, castles and fortresses, mansions and blocks with narrow crooked streets, magnificent nature and architecture, Portugal gives the impression of a smaller copy of its large European neighbors-France and Spain. In addition, local restaurants also prepare excellent seafood, and also smells delicious spices.

Portugal is a member of the Schengen area, so if you get a visa to Portugal, you can freely visit all the countries of the Schengen agreement, including neighboring Spain.

But other than that, it doesn’t exactly look like its big, slightly touristy neighbors. A large part of the coast is blown by the winds of the Atlantic and close to the coast like the Gulf stream, giving coolness in summer and warms with its warmth in the winter months. The rocky coasts of the Western part of the country resemble the cold landscapes of the British Isles. And instead of fine wines, they produce the best port in the world.

The climate in Portugal

The climate of Portugal can be described as subtropical, being under the huge influence of the Atlantic ocean.

The most comfortable period for a beach holiday in mainland Portugal is from the beginning of June to the end of September. Precipitation during this period is not much, and the average daily temperature in coastal areas is about + 25…+27 °C.

Winter in Portugal is very mild, with a lot of precipitation and an average temperature of about + 11…+13 °C.

And in the Azores and Madeira, you can relax all year round, it is warm and Sunny all year round, and even in January, the air warms up to +18…+19 °C, and the water in the ocean to +17…+19.

Beach holidays in Portugal

Lovers of a full-fledged beach holiday should go to the South of Portugal in the Algarve resort area or to Madeira and the Azores.

Holidays in Portugal-Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its beaches, rich infrastructure and excellent conditions for families with children. Along with a variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs, there is a large number of various children’s attractions and water parks.

The Azores Islands (Azores) are located almost one and a half thousand kilometers to the West of the Portuguese mainland and will be of interest primarily to lovers of leisurely holidays surrounded by almost virgin nature, but with a consistently high level of service.

Madeira, since the 15th century, has always been a favorite holiday destination for European monarchs. And today many world celebrities come here to relax. After all, from the beautiful landscapes of this island will literally take your breath away. Dense forests alternate here with majestic mountains, at the foot of which the ocean splashes. In addition, the island is rightly famous for its many luxury hotels and SPA centers.


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