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What should a tourist do in case of bankruptcy of a travel Agency?

Thousands of tourists in such cases can not go on vacation, or, even worse, become hostages in a foreign country of the owners of hotels and airlines. You will learn how to behave in case of bankruptcy of the tour operator in this article.

Some measures to avoid trouble from the bankruptcy of the tour operator, or to mitigate its consequences, should be taken before the start of the trip.

Important of them:

* Collect as much information as possible about the company from which you intend to purchase the tour. On the Internet, in news sections and on forums, sometimes forecasts are published about the bankruptcy of some travel companies, in such cases it is better not to take risks.

* Require the travel Agency to enter into a contract, and sign it only after careful study. This document can become your serious argument in court.

* To insure against non-arrival in an insurance company that is not associated with the tour operator.

* Record and keep with you the phone numbers of all services designed to help tourists in the event of bankruptcy of the operator-the Russian Consulate and Embassy, local authorities controlling hotels, hotlines and special tourist assistance offices (in some countries there are such).

* Get the entire package of documents for the tour, including round-trip tickets, from the operator before departure. IMPORTANT! The package of documents must contain tickets to the place of rest and back. Make sure that these are tickets and not a route receipt! In this case, you can be sure that you will leave the resort even if the travel company goes bankrupt.

Memo to tourists

Operational measures

To minimize the consequences of bankruptcy when you are already on vacation, you should:

* Immediately after registering at the reception, request that you return your passport. The hotel is obliged to do this. And in order not to aggravate the situation, you can say that you need a passport for registration of rental, for example, a car.

* Save all travel documents – tickets, contracts, memos, vouchers, and receipts-until the end of the trip.

• If you cancel a flight, you must make a note at the check-in Desk, and if you are not checked into the hotel or evicted from it before the deadline – get a certificate from the hotel where you had to stay.

• If you are still detained at the hotel due to the bankruptcy of the tour operator, immediately call the Russian Consulate and local law enforcement agencies. Detention is illegal in any case, so you can count on the help of the local government. And the Consulate staff will inform you about the situation and instruct you how to proceed.


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