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When is it better to go on vacation in the UAE?

Today, the United Arab Emirates, also known as the UAE, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the middle East.

Over the past decade, this country has managed to develop its tourist infrastructure so much that it is comfortable to rest all year round for tourists of different ages, income levels, requests and interests.

In this article, we will look at an important topic for many tourists comfortable in terms of climate holiday seasons in this country, and try to understand when it is better to go to the UAE?

First of all, it is worth noting that holidays in the United Arab Emirates are popular all year round, at least, so many travel guides say, and this is directly interested in the rich tourist infrastructure of the country, which, by the way, has been invested a huge amount of money in recent years.

But there are still months in which a vacation here for an unprepared tourist can turn into a real test, since the climate in the country is tropical desert, very hot and dry (the air temperature in the shade can reach +50…+55°C).

Now let’s take a detailed look at the positive and negative points that will help us answer the question: when is it better to go to the UAE?

When is it better to go on vacation in the UAE?

The most unsuitable period for rest is June, July, and August. At this time, the heat is incredible, and even the presence of a huge number of air conditioners can not save the tourist from the heat and heat, since 45-50 degrees above zero in the shade, this is of course tin. It is best to avoid traveling to the Emirates at this time, especially if you are vacationing with young children or have poor health.

The month of September can also be attributed to an unfavorable season, although the air temperature at this time slowly drops to 40-45 degrees. And the water temperature in the sea reaches 30-35 degrees.

When is it better to go to the UAE?

The most favorable months for a trip to the UAE are October and November. The air temperature is kept at + 30…+35°C. and, perhaps, the only drawback of the holiday at this time is the biting prices for tours.

When is it better to go on vacation to the Emirates?

Then there are December, January, February and March, with average temperatures from +25 to + 28°C. in these months, the water in the Persian Gulf is not as warm as we would like.

When is it better to go to the Emirates?

In April and may, the average temperature is +30…+35°C, that is, the heat peak is approaching, but it is still comfortable to rest.

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