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Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh, which is better?

When talking about holidays in Egypt, most often mention Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, two of the country’s largest tourist centers.

Both of these resort cities are thoroughly developed by millions of Russian tourists who come here on vacation every year, so from the abundance of reviews on the Internet, you can safely make some generalizations and conclusions.

Although both cities are located on different continents-Hurghada on the African coast of the red sea, and Sharm El-Sheikh-on the Asian coast, the climate conditions in them are approximately the same.

The flight time from Moscow to both cities is almost the same, to Hurghada to fly about 4 hours 50 minutes, to Sharma-about 4 hours 40 minutes.

As for the natural conditions, there are significant differences that can determine your choice, first of all, this applies to beaches.

On the beaches of Hurghada, with rare exceptions – sandy entrances to the sea. Holiday in Hurghada is perfect for tourists with children or for those who feel insecure in the water. Hotels in Hurghada are located mainly on the first coastline. Even three-or four-star hotels have their own beaches, which are within walking distance of 50 to 200 meters, this is undoubtedly one of the advantages of Hurghada.

The Beaches Of Hurghada

The sea in Sharm El-Sheikh – with a coral entrance, amazingly beautiful and clean, as if specially created for diving enthusiasts. Corals shelter diverse marine fauna, it is here possible to bring an excellent underwater pictures and videos.

Beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

The only sandy (natural!) the beach in the entire resort area of Sharm El-Sheikh is located in the Bay of Sharm El-Maya (Seti Sharm and Iberotel Palace hotels), only there you can safely swim barefoot.

In the Bay of Naama Bay also has a good beach, partly sandy entrance into the water, it was for the convenience of tourists specially purified from the corals.

Hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh, mainly three or four star level, are mainly located on the second and third lines, the distance to the sea is from 400 to 700 meters. It is considered that there are more “decent hotels” than in Hurghada, as well as the fact that they are newer and slightly more expensive in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Another significant difference between the two resorts. Hurghada is an Arab city with typical Arab problems: neighborhoods of local residents with old dilapidated houses, dirt and a fairly high crime rate. There are promenades for tourists, but they are few, they are short and end in the same dirty local neighborhoods.

Sharm El-Sheikh, in the language of the Soviet era – “closed city”, it is surrounded by armed checkpoints. And from local residents only those who are engaged in tourist service live here. For tourists who are concerned about security issues, including during walks, this is very important, as is the large number of police officers in the city. A distinctive feature of Sharm El-Sheikh is a higher level of hotel service than in Hurghada.

As for the excursion programs, they are almost identical in both cities. The difference is determined only by the geographical location of the cities: from Hurghada, it is closer to Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and other world-famous Egyptian attractions than from the Asian Sharm El-Sheikh.

In General, comparing both cities, we can only draw a General conclusion. Hurghada is more suitable for those who prefer not very expensive and family “beach” holidays. Sharm El-Sheikh is for those who love diving, a vibrant night life and those who appreciate good service.

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